DeFine8::20 servings

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DeFine8 (20 servings)

More concentrated, more effective.

Ignite the Fat Burning inside

Losing weight and burning fat doesn't always have to be about yo-yo dieting and crazy hours at the gym.  

DeFine8 contains ingredients that help curb appetite, speed up metabolism and increase energy levels.  Known as the Original Powdered Thermogenic, DeFine8 is also known as the #1 best tasting powdered thermogenic.

What's in DeFine8?

The Musclewerks Inc. formulators wanted to create a "best tasting" fat burner that would have the feeling of clean energy without the crash.

Achieve your goals

DeFine8 will give you an edge on your weight loss & fat burning goals.  It is trusted by many fitness professionals as well as those that just want a little help losing weight without having to commit to the gym.

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